Wheel Advice

Your buggy’s wheel life depends on regular maintenance and tender loving care.  Keep them rolling smoothly by following these simple tips from Edmund Farmer, our Director of Product Development:

  • Inspect the wheels and front-swivel mechanism once every 60 days.
  • Clean wheels to ensure that they continue to work properly—use a soft brush to remove any hair, sand, string, dirt, or debris from the mechanisms.
  • Use a dry silicone spray lubricant, if you have squeaking wheels or mechanisms —wiping off any excess spray.
  • Avoid the use of oil or grease based lubricants, as they attract more dirt and dust which can prematurely wear the wheel bearing surfaces.
  • If wheels are exposed to salt water, rinse immediately with tap / fresh water and dry thoroughly.
  • Maclaren’s Wheel Bags cover the front wheels of our strollers when the buggies are folded, protecting the hood from soiled wheels while travelling.  The Wheel Bags also help to preserve stroller wheels over time. (U.S shipping only)