SpookyStrolling With Your Maclaren!

Happy Halloween! Who said a buggy can’t dress up for Halloween too? In honour of the holiday we’re sharing some great and simple ideas for cute buggy costumes to help get in the spirit. And be sure to send us pictures of your little ones with your own DIY creations! SpookyStrolling DIY No.1 White and black construction paper? Tape?  Maybe a little spirit (Or two!)? Your BMW Buggy in Silver is ready for spooky strolling! SpookyStrolling DIY No.2 The green hood here is a special whipped up by our designers that we’ve paired  with a Volo in black- but it’s the orange seatliner and black eyes made out of every-day paper that really transform this buggy into a smiling Jack-O-Lantern. SpookyStrolling DIY No.3 Any parent with two little ones is sure to have their hands full with costumes and decorations come Halloween. With some cotton “webbing” and toy spiders on the hood and footmuff of our Twin Triumph you can weave a look in no time that’s soft but scary!