Fasten Your Seatbelt

We make strollers and we’re also parents, so it’s fitting that safety is our first priority at Maclaren.

Our 5-point harness may seem stylish, but aside from its good looks the design is based on those found in race cars and fighter planes. Adding to the high security factor, our buckle has a two-finger ‘pinch to release’ mechanism to lessen the chance of your toddler clicking the button and unbuckling the harness.

Maclaren recommends adjusting your 5-point harness at least twice a year and seasonally to accommodate wearing a heavy winter coat or summer clothing. Here are some handy tips to keep your child happy, safe, and secure:

  • The round buckle of the harness should be at or above the navel.
  • Two fingers should fit tightly underneath the round buckle of the harness.
  • The top of the shoulder strap should be snug and level with the shoulder.
  • Adjust the harness when you and your child are relaxed in the comfort of home, not whilst rushing.
  • Always use the harness while your child is in their buggy.
  • Revisit your buggy’s user guide or download it online for full illustrations.