A Checklist for Traveling with Children

Our team receives a ton of questions from customers about travelling with children. How many bottles should you bring? What kind of identification does a baby need to board a plan, and more. So, we decided to create an easily downloadable travel checklist to help our busy parents prepare for any kind of adventure that might lie ahead. You can find this helpful printable checklist on our new “Expert Advice” section, where we share tips and information on a variety of stroller and parenting subjects. Are you curious about our safety standards? Maybe you’d like to a sneak peek inside our design studio? You can find it all at our new Expert Advice section, plus more!

We’ll be adding new articles monthly, so continue to check in. And as always, if there is anything you would like our experts to answer about Maclaren products or general stroller and parenting questions, please write us at feedback@maclarenservices.com. We’re here to help!