50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾

Roll down a really big hill, make a mud pie, hunt for bugs, go bird watching, or visit a farm—these are just some of the 50 things that the United Kingdom’s National Trust is recommending your child does before they reach the age of 11 ¾. That’s right, just 2.25 months before their 12th birthday, the conservation charity wants to make sure your child ditches the telly and gets outside. It is all part of a larger initiative to bridge the gap between the great outdoors and the digitally-minded youth of today and is based off of a recent study that shows that children are less likely to form a connection with nature if they don’t do so before the age of 12.

The National Trust has created a website to track these fun outdoor accomplishments. Some of our favourites, in addition to the ones listed above, include “catch a crab,” “go star gazing,” and “cook on a campfire.” You can also download the complete “50 Things” list here.  So find your child and help them step away from the television screen, turn off the video games, and discover some fun ways to connect with the great outdoors!