It’s Child Safety Week! Buggy Safety and Preventative Tips

Child Safety Week, organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, aims to help people understand the real risks to children’s safety and teach them skills to deal with those risks. For over 50 years, Maclaren has been dedicated to creating premium buggies and empower parents with safe and innovative products. Our commitment to safety goes beyond our buggies as we strive to give you recommendations of ways in which you can prevent accidents from happening while using our products. Did you know that since 2012, over 13,000 hospital visits annually worldwide are attributed to buggy related accidents? Here are some preventative measures you can take to ensure your buggy is handled in a safely manner:

  • 5 Point Harness: Use our 5 point harness at all times to ensure that your child is properly fastened. This will prevent any potential falling out of buggies or strangulation.
  • Newborn Safety System: Use our infant head barrier system to protect your child’s head at all times, adjustable for added neck comfort.
  • Tether Strap: Use the tether strap that comes with your buggy to ensure you are always at close proximity to your child and buggy does not roll astray- a perfect solution whilst at the park, crossing a street, or even stationary.
  • Weight Limit: Make sure that you stay within the weight limit of your buggy and only use approved accessories to ensure that your buggy and child do not tip over.
  • Occupancy Limit: Follow the occupancy limit to ensure that your child is well adjusted and comfortable.