Since 1965, Maclaren has been dedicated to creating premium buggies and accessories and continues to empower parents with safe, stylish and innovative products. Imbued in British heritage since its first iconic design, for nearly 50 years, we have been uncompromising in our safety standards. Evaluating more than 50 countries, Maclaren is the leader for highest safety standards and safety compliance worldwide. This is our Global Safety Standard ™ appropriated exclusively for you and baby. Here are some of our exclusive safety features:

  • Infant System: Protective head and foot barrier that safely cocoons newborn babies.
  • Five Point Harness: Automobile-inspired design to keep children safe and securely fastened in the buggy.
  • Tether Strap: Developed to keep your stroller securely tethered while you and baby are in motion.
  • Brake: Brightly visible, single step, state-of-the-art pedal and lock system with linked breaks.