From Generation to Generation

Photo: Janet Maclaren and her daughter

Our founder, Owen Finlay Maclaren, invented the first folding baby buggy shortly after realising that his daughter required a lightweight pushchair to easily travel the world with her child. Thanks to Owen Maclaren’s invention, generations of parents are now able to conveniently travel with their children on buses, aeroplanes, trains, and underground railway systems all around the world.

We’re not the only ones proud to celebrate the bonds that join multiple generations. In 1997, the United Nations General Assembly passed UN Resolution 52/81 proclaiming The International Day of Families to be celebrated on 15 May around the world. The theme that will be celebrated this year is “Intergenerational Solidarity,” encouraging families to care for their elders and make the world better for future generations. We are thrilled by this year’s theme and feel that it truly resonates with the ethos of our brand.

Nothing gives us more pride than knowing that our strollers support grandparents and parents alike in their first journeys into the world with their children. You can read more about the initiatives we’re taking to preserve the world we inherited from our own parents for those generations still to come by reading about the Maclaren Handprint™ here.