A Seasoned Traveller

In some of the most heartfelt testimonials from our fans around the world, a Maclaren isn’t just an item that makes life easier: It is the trusted companion a family has relied on wherever their journeys may take them, across continents and through the years, from sibling to sibling.

How is it that our buggies make such reliable companions for families? The answer: Our buggies are tested to ensure they can withstand the longest, bumpiest journey. It’s an art we’ve mastered in our buggy testing studio in Long Buckby, England. Using a conveyer belt packed with obstacles that simulate ‘bumps in the road’, we go even further than European standard test requirements which state that a buggy be put on a moving surface with four obstacles per cycle for 72,000 cycles (Totalling 288,000 obstacles) : We run our buggies on the conveyer belt for 100,000 cycles- for a grand total of 400,000 obstacles! That’s a lot of experience handling bumps in the road!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself one day calling your stroller a trusty companion- by the time you open the box, your Maclaren already has the make of a seasoned traveller!