A Modern Classic

It’s 1967: The Beatles top the charts, the Mini Cooper rules the road, and a mother strolls with her baby in an innovation that will change parents’ lives forever – the Maclaren B-01 Baby Buggy. With people travelling more and farther than ever, Owen Maclaren’s newly-invented B-01 Baby Buggy liberates parents from large, heavy, cumbersome prams. With its cutting-edge construction, including tubular aluminium and a 3-D folding mechanism, the buggy weighed just 3kg/6lbs and took up no more space than an umbrella. Its timeless innovation is still being used by parents all over the world.

Taking pride-of-place in the Modern British Childhood exhibit at the V&A Museum of Childhood this autumn, the B-01 represents one of the major advances in the approach to design for children. This new exhibit highlights the changing position of the child in both the family and society in Britain during the period between the London Olympic Games of 1948 and 2012, exploring a variety of themes, including leisure and fashion. Other iconic displays include Muffin the Mule from the 1940’s BBC production and the Nintendo Game Boy!

The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood will offer the Modern British Childhood exhibit from 13 October 2012 to 14 April 2013.

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