Where Was Ace In Paris?

When the sun set over the horizon in Paris earlier this month, the clouds came rushing through just before the tournament start at Roland Garros, causing unpredictable rain on the courts. The Maclaren Ace was ready to take on any court’s downpour.

The heavy rain didn’t stop our Ace buggy from strolling on the beautiful cobblestone streets of Paris and even paid a visit to the infamous Tour Eiffel and The Flame of Liberty attracting local Parisians who embraced the buggy’s sporty design.

Where is the Maclaren Ace headed off to next? To Wimbledon, the most prestigious championship court in the world. As Ace brushes off the red clay and tries to get a seat in the Royal box, how will Ace tackle those grassy courts? Stay tuned as our Ace buggy heads to the All England Club next week on June 27th for the matches you won’t want to miss!