A Holiday Love Affair

This holiday season two Maclaren toys – our plush toy Ella the Elephant and the Junior B-01 Play Buggy – come together to make the world brighter than ever!

Ella traveled by air, by land, and by sea after completing a year of charity events around the world to help Asian Elephants. On Ella’s most recent trip to India, she was inspired by the many miles 42 artistically designed rickshaws traveled to visit the beloved Tara the Elephant at Kipling Camp. After the trip, Ella wanted her very own set of wheels and looked to the Maclaren play buggies so she could continue her journey to save elephants everywhere.

The Junior B-01 Play Buggy made its debut in 2015 to honour the world’s first ever umbrella fold buggy designed by Owen Maclaren 50 years ago. It was the eve of Maclaren’s 51st year when the Junior B-01 Play Buggy and Ella the Elephant met. It was then that Ella found her perfect match! They both made a promise to keep making the world a safer place for both children and animals.

Together, Ella and our Jr. B-01 buggy are an unstoppable duo! Bring these two toys who share one positive mission, into your home to share the love of elephant conservation with your little ones.

To learn more about how Maclaren and Ella are helping elephant conservation, please visit worldofmaclaren.com/ella.

Watch Ella and our B-01 here! http://bit.ly/1YgWemv