The Maclaren Cobblestone Test

Some of the most picturesque streets in the world can be a little tricky to walk down. Especially, if you are wearing precarious shoes or carrying a hefty load. But, cobblestone corners and brick boulevards beware, because when it comes pushing a Maclaren over bumpy terrain, there’s absolutely no contest.

We know that our global costumers live with a variety of bouncy and brittle roadway underfoot. All of our Maclaren buggies feature shock absorbing technology; our Volo, Globetrotter, and Triumph strollers feature absorbing rubber bumpers built into the rear wheel mounts, whilst our Quest, Techno XT, and Techno XLR strollers feature corrosion resistant coil wound metal springs at all four corners that provide plush suspension over the most challenging terrain.

In fact, before we send any of our buggy models out into the world we assess them in our testing facilities simulating real life situations using the weight of an average child. To perform these tests we load up the shopping basket, hood storage pocket, and place a 15kg (33lb) test dummy in our stroller (the average weight of a 97% 3 year old boy).  Then, we subject the stroller to 1.7 million impacts that simulate a typical European cobblestone street, making sure that each every buggy passes the test.

None of these tests are mandatory. But, we like to do the extra work to make sure that our customers will travel smoothly on any surface wherever they are around the world.