The Caramel Baby + Child Boutique

Browsing blogs and publications to capture budding style trends from around the world is second nature for Carolyn, our Design Director. But the avid traveller appreciates the special inspiration of a discovery in the right place at the right time- like Manhattan on an autumn day.

Manhattan in the autumn has long had a special draw on fashion designers, who are known to wander its parks and landmarks in search of inspiration. As both a mother and a designer, what I love about strolling Madison Avenue is that a few steps from the doors of iconic luxury brands will take you to a whimsical boutique that doesn’t compromise sophistication in catering to children.

Known in Britain as a favourite of celebrity parents, Caramel Baby + Child’s boutique deserves a special shout-out. The shop is full of bright, playful furnishings adorned with beautiful wool dresses, trousers and coats for little ones – my favourites being a boys’ tartan overcoat and a brilliant jacket with a drop shoulder for girls. Their curated selection of jewellery pieces are perfectly displayed inside a vintage glass table.  They really bring an incredibly smart sense of play to all aspects of the experience, including a very classical print in a pop of  neon orange on their stylized packaging and the old fashioned stationery they also display and sell. Take a look at some of the photos I snapped- and be sure to stop by with your family to start off a season of celebrations.