Take on city curbs with ease

Don’t be afraid of the dreaded city curb vs. the stroller conundrum. Through years of customer feedback from our city-dwelling parents, we’ve designed our buggies to make sure they can easily transition over any city sidewalk. It all comes down to our superior engineering, which provides the ideal weight distribution across our buggies’ chassis, enabling the front wheel to easily lift up when needed.

This mechanism has been tested thoroughly throughout Europe and under the supervision of third party certifiers. European law is very specific on how stability is tested for pushchairs and buggies.  All Maclaren buggies not only meet but exceed the stability requirements required by European laws, while still providing you with easy manoeuvrability.

Since we are a truly global brand, we have examined curb heights in cities around the world. From Tokyo to London, San Francisco to São Paulo, and any other city your travels might take your family, you can rest assured that your Maclaren Stroller will help you navigate city sidewalks with ease.